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"For The Muses" Press Release


April 20, 2008

Arbacarba Records, an independently run label, is officially releasing Zomo’s “For the Muses.” Originally recorded in the Winter of 2003, this is the first time in five years that fans will have a chance to pick up a copy of the album – and the first time ever that it will be professionally packaged and available in wide release.

In 2003, Zomo was Justin Hoenke on guitar and vocals, Dustin Miller on drums and Aaron Davis on bass. The band rehearsed relentlessly in Davis’s basement where strong musical and social bonds formed. After receiving positive feedback at a series of gigs, the trio headed into the studio where they recorded the entire album in five days with each member contributing songwriting and vocal talents.

“For the Muses” explores the beer-bubble-haze that separates living life to the fullest and living a life of excess during those dark, dreamy years known only to college-age guys in college bars in college towns. It is a soundtrack for that brief chapter when boys genuinely fall in love with every girl they meet and know where the prettiest girl sits in every class.

“The album deals a lot with obsession,” Hoenke says. At the time, we were all young guys who really didn't know any better than to let obsession get the best of us. It had a good and bad effect on us...our obsession led us to focus on the music and create something new. At the same time, obsession was sort of tearing our personal lives apart. I think all this tension really fueled the album and allowed us to focus and create ‘For The Muses.’”

Miller says of the recording process: “The days consisted of recording and going back to the hotel to discuss recording. We loved it. We ate pizza and watched bad movies, but our minds were on the album. We wanted to get it right, capture the songs. We came out of there knowing we made something special – at least to the three of us.”

Hoenke adds, “We got really into creating something new. We broke down any boundaries that we saw forming around us. We didn't want to be like anyone else.”

Zomo’s “For the Muses” (featuring “I am a Rock,” “Harvey Wallbanger” and “All That I Want is You”) and their 2008 release “Triangle of Drunk” are currently available through Arbacarba Records.


Since the band’s official formation in 2001, Zomo has been determined to bring unique original music into the world, which they accomplished with their debut album “For the Muses” in 2003. After years of having a revolving door membership, Justin Hoenke and Dustin Miller have relocated to New Jersey where they continue to write and record. Their latest release, “Triangle of Drunk” is now available through Arbacarba Records. To book Zomo, please e-mail Members of the press should contact for more information.


Arbacarba Records is an independent record label based out of South Jersey run by Justin Hoenke and Dustin Miller. Currently, Arbacarba Records is releasing material by Zomo and Belsapadore. For more information about Arbacarba Records and artists on the label, please contact


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