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"Triangle of Drunk" Press Release

April 20, 2008

Justin Hoenke and Dustin Miller, the fuzz-rock troubadours of Zomo, are proud to present “Triangle of Drunk,” their first official release since 2003’s “For the Muses.”

“Triangle” not only marks the return of Zomo, but also a renewed commitment from Hoenke and Miller to their musical collaboration and friendship. When the two multi-instrumentalist songwriters reunited and pressed the record button, the result was “Triangle of Drunk.”

The latest activity from Zomo may be as surprising to their fans as it is to the members themselves. Since 2001, the band has overcome line-up changes and side projects and now their toughest challenge yet: keeping the music going while the core members live in different states. With “Triangle of Drunk,” Hoenke and Miller have proven that distance and time restraints are no match for hard work and a few sleepless nights.

“Dustin and I stayed up one whole night and wrote pretty much everything in the Tomcat Diner in Wildwood, NJ,” says Hoenke. “A lot of it was just us coming up with poetic gobbledegook, and it all sounded great going on little sleep! The rest of the songs were already created and some were even performed as far back as 2001. They were songs that we were really jazzed about but had never attempted to record.”

“We drank coffee and wrote songs,” Miller recalls. “We were pounding out drum beats on the table, sucking down coffee, chanting out potential choruses. I think we may have written ten or twelve songs that night – or more. Lyrics mostly, but a few of the melodies we were humming stuck. We wanted this album to be fun. No pressure.”

Hoenke adds, “The album was written and recorded out of the enjoyment of our friendship. It was just great to be back together creating Zomo music. I feel the album acts as a stepping stone which will allow Zomo to continue in the future.”

The 10-track album – which includes the songs “This is My Life in an A-Frame House,” “Black Little Face” and “Alberta” – was recorded and mastered between May 2006 and September 2007, and it is now available through Arbacarba Records.


Since the band’s official formation in 2001, Zomo has been determined to bring unique original music into the world, which they accomplished with their debut album “For the Muses” in 2003. After years of having a revolving door membership, Justin Hoenke and Dustin Miller have relocated to New Jersey where they continue to write and record. Their latest release, “Triangle of Drunk” is now available through Arbacarba Records. To book Zomo, please e-mail Members of the press should contact for more information.


Arbacarba Records is an independent record label based out of South Jersey run by Justin Hoenke and Dustin Miller. Currently, Arbacarba Records is releasing material by Zomo and Belsapadore. For more information about Arbacarba Records and artists on the label, please contact


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